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2021 Tally Top Pet Winners

A stack of three Tallahassee Magazines showcasing Alice the 2021 Tally Top Pet on the Cover

2021 Tally Top Pet Winner

A photo of a dog named Andy - 2021 Tally Top Pet Top 4

2021 Tally Top 4

2021 Tally Top 4

A photo of a dog named Kenzlie - 2021 Tally Top Pet Top 4

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2020 Tally Top Pet Winners

2020 Tally Top Pet Winner

2020 Tally Top 4

2020 Tally Top 4

2020 Tally Top 4

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2019 Tally Top Pet & Tally Top Dog

2019 City Kitty

2019 A Horse of Course

2019 Lil’ Critter

2016 Tally Top Pet Winners

2016 Tally Top Pet & Tally Top Dog

*Sweet Carter passed away in August 2017. He will always hold a special place in our hearts.

2016 City Kitty

2016 A Horse of Course
Razzle Dazzle

2016 Lil’ Critter

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2015 Tally Top Pet & Tally Top Dog

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Benjamin Buttons

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2012 Top Senior Dog

2012 Top Citizen Dog
Lover Boy

2012 Top Leadership Dog

2012 Top College Dog

2012 Top Adoptable Pet

2011 Tally Top Pet Winner 

2011 Tally Top Pet Winner

Here’s part of Ari’s story:

On the second Friday of every month my mom secures my tie-dyed bandanna around my neck and together, as a “unit”, we visit the Alzheimer’s Respite Room at St. Paul’s Methodist Church. (I wish we could go every week, but my mom has this thing called a “full time job.)  We started volunteering there in December — my first “real” gig as a new graduate.  The staff, volunteers, and most of the clients are kind and welcoming, though at first, a few seemed intimidated by me. I think it may have been because of my size. I seem to have won them over with my big heart and giant paws. Now when I arrive, big smiles light up their faces and they exclaim “Ari’s here! Ari, come here!” Though inside I am super-excited about being there, I maintain my professional composure. I cooly saunter over and lay my head in their lap or press my nose against their legs allowing them to pet me all over and feel how soft I am. Or if they prefer, we just hold hands.  When I arrive at 1:30, the group has finished eating lunch. The ladies are seated at the dining room table playing bingo or doing arts and crafts, and the men have retired to the back room to play cards. I make my rounds with the ladies first. Sometimes, they are too busy with their activity to spend time with me, but I don’t take it personally. I just move on to the next person until I have made my way around the entire table. Then I stop in the kitchen to sniff around and see my friend, Charles. Charles is a nice volunteer who always offers a bowl of water. I appreciate that. Hard work makes me thirsty. Then I stroll into the back room and try my paw at a game of “Go Fish” with the guys. We laugh a lot and I listen as they share stories and memories about their own dogs.

Every visit is to The Alzheimer’s Respite Room is special, but one of my favorites was in February when the ladies invited me to make a rhinestone valentine for my mom. On my most recent visit, I made a woman cry tears of joy.

The last part of my routine includes a hike up the hill to the “small house,” stopping to “water” plants along the way. My friends Karen, James, Geno, Reecie, Brooks, James, and Bill work tirelessly at The Alzheimer’s Project providing education, services and resources to the community, so I sense that they need affection and therapy, too. I am all too happy to oblige. I like when we all relax together on the floor. I let them admire me, stroke me, and rest their heads on my furry belly.

I hope to eventually branch out in my work, but I want to always visit my friends at the Alzheimer’s Respite Room. I enjoy humans of all ages, but I have a special place in my heart for the older ones. I like how they gaze lovingly into my eyes and treat me with respect. Though my being there makes them happy, I feel like I benefit, too. I learn a lot from them, like about how to “be in the moment” and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Some tender ear petting and a hearty paw shake can bond you in very special ways.

*Sweet Ari passed away recently, but he will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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