Capture Your Pet’s Personality with These Pet Photography Tips

Pet-Photographer-011. Take Your Time

Let’s face it, looking your best takes time. Sure your favorite four-legged may be wearing their best fur coat for the occasion, but capturing a shot with them at their best make take more than a frame or two. Before you pull out the camera, be sure you’re not in a rush. With pet photography it’s always in vogue to be patient!

Pro tip: Be sure you’ve charged more than just your mental battery. Remember to charge your camera battery and check that your memory card has plenty of room before you begin.


2. Set the Scene

You don’t have to be a bloodhound to sniff out stress, so remember to start your session by making sure your furry friend is at ease. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to set up a scene and expect our pets to play along. Most pets want to please, but try as they might, their language barrier gets in the way. Before you begin, consider their preferred spots and start there. Does your cat love a perch by the window? Capitalize on all of that natural light. Does your dog love a spot by the door? Make sure it’s clear of clutter now so that when the moment is right, you can skip the prep time.

Pro tip: The space isn’t the only factor that will make your pet feel comfortable. Be sure they’ve been fed and exercised before you begin to ensure they’re up to putting their best paw forward!


3. Make Sure to Level with Them

Chances are you tower over your four-legged soul mate, so be sure you take this opportunity to get down on their level. Don’t be afraid to lay in the grass or climb on the floor. After you get used to your new point of view, be sure to point and click your favorite subject from this new perspective. Vibrant grass provides great contrast and your pet is likely to enjoy you getting on their level.

Pro tip: While your down there, keep an eye out to make you’re not too shaky by taking a breath before pressing the button.


4. Capture Their Personality with Play

Who doesn’t love a good belly rub and back scratch? That’s not the only thing you and your pet have in common. Most pets love to play! After you put them at ease, consider introducing their favorite toy.  From chasing a ball to batting a felt mouse, their personalities are bound to shine through.

Pro tip: It’s often best to get multiple shots. To do this, try holding down the shutter button for continuous shooting.


5. Connect with Their Eyes

There’s a reason the eyes are called the window to the soul. Look at your pet’s eyes and consider what they reveal. Do they look playful, happy or loving? All of these expressions emanate from your pet’s eyes. Undoubtedly, you’ve spent a fair bit of time staring into their precious faces, so why not share it?

Pro tip:  Try to avoid a flash if possible and be sure to zoom in.


6. Have Fun!

Above all else, be sure you and your pet have fun! Pet photography sessions should never feel forced, so keep it light and take breaks. Keep their favorite treats on hand to reward their good behavior. No matter your breed or background, everyone loves a good ‘attaboy and a snack. If you stay focused on connecting with your pet in person, it’s guaranteed to show through the lens. Every pet is unique.

Pro tip: Most pets will be willing to participate anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, so keep that in mind as you set expectations. If you don’t capture all of the shots you want the first time, don’t force the shot. You can always do it again.

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